D1sc1pl1n3's and Kink's PvP Frost DK

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Stat priority: Hit (3%) = Expertise (3%) > Haste > Mastery > Crit
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This profile is intended for use in PvP, Arenas mainly! It is based on [Only registered and activated users can see links. ], changes made with his PERMISSION, and his HELP. (Thanks)
Right now, you NEED to have Blood Tap and Unholy Blight as a talent, else profile won't work, later on, will make it so you don't need it.


  • Focus Strangulate on LEFT ALT, will use Blood Tap if you don't have enough runes, so no more waiting 4secs to cast Strang, YAY!
  • Icy Touch Dispel on LEFT SHIFT - Glyph of Icy Touch mandatory, else it won't... dispel. :P
  • Mouseover Chains of Ice on LEFT CONTROL
  • Burst Toggle on RIGHT CONTROL (Toggles Pillar of Frost and your trinket - place it into the bottom trinket slot or change the profile code accordingly)
  • Necrotic Strike Stacking Toggle on RIGHT SHIFT - will change between more or less Necrotic Strikes
  • Death Coil heal yourself whenever you use Lichborne.
  • Dark Simulacrum on Focus. Also now checks for Grounding Totem.
  • Death strike on Dark Succor.
  • Uses Unholy Blight if Outbreak is on CD if you have it as a talent.


28.10.2012 - v1.0 released
29.10.2012 - v1.0.1 - Blood Tap works, YAY!
30.10.2012 - Fixed Dark Simulacrum on Focus, works, and even checks if Grounding Totem isn't up

- base code and lots of help,
and other PQR Profile devs for inspiration and code snippets.