Hello Dear forum.

i just found out how to multiple realms with trinity core, i saw no one has release that tutorial, so i am here, with picture, how to make more than 1 realms.

Follow the industructions please.

1) Go to your server repack, Click on:

Secound Go to:

After you have installed the mysql, then go to:

Again, & Start it up.

Next Step:

Download & Install Heidisql.

[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

After you have download & install it , so follow next step!

Just a remind checker.

Now you should have done:

1. *Installing your MYSQL service.

2. *Starting it up [MYSQL]

3. *Download & Install Heidisql

Now Continue.

Start Heidisql.

For Trinity Repacks you should be able to login with:

*Localhost or /

*Root [Username]

*Ascent [Password]

That's normally the standard-login information for Trinity - repacks.

Now you go to " Realm - Table "

Now you should have look like this :

At the picture you guys see:

ID Name adress port

There you are going to fill in:

ID= [ If it's realm 1-4]

Name [ Name of your realm]

Adress [ Dyndns/No-ip = Hostname here] example : Scary-Wow.dyndns.com ;p]

Port [ World-Config port]

To get your answer for 1-4 realms so all this should be:

ID 1 Adress-Realmlist [Could be different if you want too] port : 8085

ID 2 Adress-Realmlist [Could be different if you want too] port : 8086

ID 3 Adress-Realmlist [Could be different if you want too] port : 8087

ID 4 Adress-Realmlist [Could be different if you want too] port : 8088

Now that's done, Now you need to fill in: [In your adressbar] Goes for router, & port forwarding all these ports for new realms.

Now Continue.

Now go back to server repack / own compile.

Go to [Server Folder]

Then you should see " Mysql " as on this pic:

Now click there, & now you should see a folder named : Data , as on this pic:

Now you are going to make new folders there, now you are going to think , how many realms you can handle, how many you want to have on your server.

As on this picture:

If you understand right there,

so i have build:

1-4 World & Chars Folder, which means 1 world & 1 char per realm, and so on.

How to do this?

You create just an new folder there as i did, example " World2 " then you go to the original World folder, & copy EVERYTHING in that folder, & paste it in to this copied world2 folder.

Then you do the same with Chars/Character. & Then you restart MYSQL & sign into Heidisql, Then the new tables/db's would be there.

You need to copy the folder aswell , i forgot it , so i write it here at end of tutorial

You are needing to copy the original folder, for example:

Go to repack folder, there it should say for example:

Trinity Folder

Server Folder

And so on.

Then copy trinity folder,

Rename it to Trinity2.

Then go back to original ones again & transfer everything over to the copied ones.

Now delete everything as handle about Auth, like the config & the .exe file.

Then you need to run worldserver.exe from this + original , then you would have your realms up!

Sorry for this ending, but no time for found right place to paste this little info in xD

So i paste it in ending.

Hope you guys like my Pic tutorial.

It was everything from me, Hope you guys getting a continue nice evening.

PM / Reply this tutorial about questions, if it's didn't work well for you mates.